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Monday, 25 April 2016

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Absinthe Effects on Human Body due to Thujone

The absinthe has its own charming history since 1800s. If faced many oppositions and bans due to the rumors about its harmful effects that it makes people hallucinogen. The Green Lady (La Fee verte) is its another name for many drinkers to show their love towards absinthe but soon after knowing the side effects the Green Lady gets changed to Green Curse. Many says that it makes the people madness and mental problems and even murder. Due to these rumors the absinthe drink had faced many ups and downs in the 19-20th century in the western countries.

absinthe side effects thujone

The main content of the absinthe drink is thujone which is a psychoactive ingredient and produced from the wormwood plant. Warmwood is the main ingredient of the product. Many claimed that thujone causes harmful side effects to the human body like unconsciousness, mental disturbance, etc. But it is not actually revealed whether it is true or not. Peoples always seems to be curious to know the reality whether harmful effects of absinth are rumors or real? The normal absinthe bottle contains nearly 60-70% alcohol and remaining other by products. Sometimes it is also observed that it has some strange side effects which are remain a mystery. Many writers used to enjoy the drink as with the name of "Green Fairy" in order to get some inspiration.

Absinthe is one very different spirit from other drinks. It was always in charm light due to its trending issues like whether it makes people hallucinogen, thujone content, madness, etc. But still many big fame personalities loves to enjoy this drink as a part of their daily life. We all know that excess of anything makes you damage. Similarly, excess absinthe drinking will surely cause side effects to your body and mind. Now, it is not an illegal drug but definitely stronger than other alcoholic spirits. Artists like Hemingway, Van Gogh and Rimbaud loved this drink in their times.

Absinthe in one of the traditional drink since 1800s. It has its own unique method to drink, pouring and preparing in a traditionally way. It help you to enjoying, relaxing and satisfaction to your mind. It is remarked that thujone which is the main ingredient of the product is responsible for cause the side effects of the product. It is also found in research that wormwood causes "CNS cholinergic receptor binding activity". Other reports claimed that it helps improving the cognitive function of the body. With the thjone, warmwood has also has some harmful effects on the human brain and body according to  report in 2002.

It is required to create high awareness among the people about the absinthe. There are many long stylish bottles available in markets but it's important to know the major ingredients quantity in the bottle. There are various absinthe recipes to enjoy and experience the drink. There is no real proof it makes you hallucinogen as it contains natural herbs. There are many top absinthe cocktail drinks to enjoy in daily life like Pernod absinthe, century absinthe, etc. Absinthe is a popular spirit which was actually used in past for the medical and herbal purposes in European regions.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

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Top Absinthe drinks in the US (Must Try)

Top Absinthe Drinks 

When it comes to drink absenth alcohol, it becomes tough situation when not able to decide which one should you buy or try. It was usually the choices of musicians, writers and brandy peoples since past.

Many absinthe alcohols bottle shining in the market but choosing the best flavored is one of the confusing decision.Since past Absinthe was most controversial spirit in the western countries like United States and UK for its anise-flavored spirit.

The ban from absinthe spirit has been removed in  the year 2007 in America. After that period, many stylish and good looking bottlings arrived in the market with different flavors. Absinthe did not cause hallucinate. Absinthe was in the hot topics for the many days in US due to effects of hallucinate but there are no proven statements. It contains the warmwood and originated from Switzerland for the purpose of medical uses and herbal activities. The product was banned in the the early 1800s in European countries due to the cause of hallucinate but later due to unproven statements the ban was uplifted later in the year 2007.

There are more than 20 stylish and good looking absenth bottlings available in US market. Here, I will list top best absinthe drinks you must try  for drinking. You can also buy absinthe from various online shopping websites like absinthe spoon, absinthe fountain and other accessories at great price. Remember that absinthe won't make you hallucinate.

Are you imaging how absinthe tastes and how to drink to enjoy it fully in a rigid traditional cultural way. The traditional way to drink absinthe is known to deeply enjoy drink with sugar cubes.. It favors the strong taste with sweetening.

From the last few years, United States has been emerging as the major producer of popular absinthe brands world wide. US is producing more than 18 kinds of absinth products in market to customers. Three types of traditional absinthes are - anise, wormwood, and fennel that offers rigid traditionalist taste and way is abomination. Below check out the best absinthe drinks that you must enjoy.

Pernod Absinthe

Pernod Drink

It was launched in 2013. It costs around $68 for 750 mL. It was manufactured from the old formula in the late 1800s. It comes with classical Pernod packing in long bottle. The ingredients include are hyssop, and savory fennel and mint taste. It will not taste too much bitter as other bottles. You can also try lemon juice and mint leaves for garnishing with Pernod absinthe.

La Clandestine Absinthe Blanche

La Clandestine Absinthe Blanche

The recipe was developed by a famous absinthe moonshiner, Charlotte Vaucher in 1935. It costs around $84.99 in United States. It was big hit in the market since 2005. It is said to be made from natural green herbs as ingredients inside it. It colors very soft with soft drinking. Its main contents are anise,licorice, peppermint and licorice.

St. George Absinthe Verte

St. George Absinthe Verte

St. George Spirits, the Absinthe Verte has faced many challenges into the markets and ban from the US officials but later it was also uplifted from ban. It is available in two price variants - $20 -200ml and $60 - 750ml.  Chardonnay grapes are its backbone which making the brand to stand out of others bottles. This gives it a pungent flavor and employs trinity of wormwood. It will be best option for you long door houseguests.

Tenneyson Absinthe Royale

Tenneyson Absinthe Royale

Tenneyson Absinthe Royal costing around $54.99 for 750mL. David Nathan Maister who was  the author of absinthe encyclopedia had proposed this recipe. It is one of the non-traditional refreshing theme into the market.

Letherbee Charred Oak Absinthe Brun

Letherbee Charred Oak Absinthe Brun

It is a very unique drink available into the market which flavors great on tongue. It is accepted as the best option after the evening dinner and tastes great when chill. It is mixed with the products of juniper and coriander which makes this absinthe drink unique. 

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Friday, 22 April 2016

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Top Cocktail Absinthe Drinks to Enjoy taste

Have you tried Absinthe drinks with different Cocktail recipes? It was banned in United States but now it is again came back with the proven taste. According to the old tradition and culture, it should be drink in a traditional way to enjoy its taste. Be careful because Absinthe is very flammable into air. Dissolve sugar and stir. There were many comparisons between the America absinthe vs other. Usually absinthe contains 70% vodka and remaining 30-40% other product like vodka, wine, etc. There are three popular absinthe flavors - wormwood, fennel and anise. The real taste you get when enjoying absinthe drinks in traditional way. Here, check out the top absinthe drinks to actually enjoy it. Below are the various absnithe recipes which you can enjoy at home.

1) Sunflower 

  • Half ounce Kubler Absinthe
  • third-fouth ounce Plymouth gin
  • third-fourth ounce Triple Sec
  • third fourth ounce lemon juice
  • 3/4 ounce St Germain
Stire the absinthe into the curve glass and other ingreadients including ice. It will be best to serve the drink with lemon twist and shake it well before serving. It should be noted that ingredients are mixed in a fixed proportion. This recipe credit goes to Comme Ca, Las Vegas.

2) Absinthe Colada 

The required ingredients for the following recipe are as follows:
  • 1 ounce Mansinthe
  • 1 tpsn creme de menthe
  • 1 ounce juice (Pineapple)
  • half ounce coconut syrup
  • half ounce lemon juice
  • half ounce Rhum JM
Blend the drink with the mixture of all the mentioned ingredients. Put ice and carefully stir the drink. The glass with a long neck transparency will suit the taste. For garninshing, use mint leaves and or lemon juice. The drink can be served with additional ingredients.

3) Chrysanthemum

This absinthe drink recipe has been adapted from  the traditional cutlture. It has very strong flavor and gives the feel of tasteful drink. This absinthe recipe usually contains the following ingredients:

  • dry vermouth
  • liqueur Benedictine, and
  • absinthe green color
  • mint leaves and lemon juice for garnishing.

Chrysanthemum make you feel and enjoy the traditional drink. It is taken from the Savoy Cocktail Book. It has many tastes as flavor different with different ingredients. The ingredients of the recipe were taken from the herbs and leaves that makes its taste very different and strong. It is an amazing try for the new ones with the straw and garnishing with mint in the stylish canonical glass.

4) Absinthe Sazerac


Due to the high alcohol content into the recipe makes its taste very strong. It can also be paired with the whisky to double its taste. Add the suitable amount of sugar according to taste. It is also a traditional drinking with green leaves garninshing. Many people of America (United States) considers this drinking as a old form of traditition of drinking absinthe at home. See to the picture, as it looks very good and then obviously its taste will be double good than its look. 

5) Abinsthe Frappe 

After the allowing the absinthe product in United States in 2007, Abinsthe Frappe recipe became very popular at that time. It also containing 70% alcohol and remaining 40% gin, vodka and whiskey. It taste is very good while drinking when ice cubes dipped inside it. The absinthe fountain use makes this drink cool and triditional. In this the sugar cube is spotted over the fountain or spoon. It is a well known absinthe in the western countries.  Add water more and more according to the taste.

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

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What is Absinthe? Know about Absinth

What is absinthe?

It is a type of spirit or say alcohol beverage which was origin from Switzerland. It almost contains 45-74% alcohol by volume. Absinth is derived from the flowers and leaves of warmwood (Artemisia absinthium). It can be colourless or green coloured. In these days, many peoples used to refer it as "liquor", but it's actually a spirit. Its ingredients includes warmwood, Anise, Fennel and appears as green colour. To be easily get consumed, absinth is diluted with water. Absinthe is mainly popular in western region due its use as alcoholic drink. Absinthe is one of the dangerous drug if you are addicted to it. The harmful effects of absinth  can affect the human body badly. It had been now banned in the United States. This action was taken in 1915 after getting blamed due to side effects of absinthe. Later it was also get banned in other European countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, France, etc. But as of now, the rights for the production of absinthe get restored. Many countries started using it as a brand name from the beginning of the 21st century.

Absinthe in Modern times

There are many alcoholic brand using absinth as beverage in the drinks. Many says the it is 'undrinkable'. The product has grown at a rapid rate as a food of consumption. It was used as malaria preventive for the French military services. It is then become like a tradition or culture to drink absinthe. It became so much popular in the cabarets, bistros, bars, cafes, etc. Many high and ordinary class favour the consumption of the absinth drink. It is estimated that 36 million litres of absinthe per year being consumed in France by 1910. The product now also reached to the markets and bars of Great Britain, Czech republic, Spain, etc. There was hike in the popularity of Absinthe in the early 20th century. The first bottle into the market was La Fee Absinthe which was came from France and later many other absinth brands started selling from French. There are many countries in Europe when the production of Absinth is still banned. Due to its content, oil of wormwood absinthe also faced its restrictions in countries like Australia. Moulin Rooz is now well known Australian brand of Absinthe. By the early 21 century, absinth popular was increasing day by day and it bacame the taste of mouth for many ones.

Absinthe Production


Many countries prodcued absithe as a brand of whisky, gin and brandy. It gets labelled on bottle mainly as 'absinth'. It was only manufactured from the distillation method with the access permission. The Grande wormwood is one of the three main herbs used in the production of the absinth or absinthe. It looks colourless and coloured by astificial method. There are various steps included for the production like hyssop, and melissa, etc. Chrolophyll pigment also extracted from the palnts. It is traditionally produced from the green plants and undergoes various process as mentioned. These days absinthe has become the lifestyle of many Americans and other European countries. In an ancient tmes, is was used as an antisepctic and tonic. It was used for the purpose to cure anaemia, jaundice and rheumatism.

Taste and Absinthe Drink

Many peoples ask whether absinthe is legal or illegal in United states. After the changes in the laws and regulations, absinth is made available legally in United Sates as it contains "thujone-free" beverage. Next question rises, How to drink absinth? It is simple - Use spoon over glass and put it below the taps on the fountain. Dip the sugar cubes until it completely get dissolved. The drinking process looks royal and then divide into six parts. It tastes like licorice and sometimes mild bitter.

How to Store it?

absinth bottles
Absinthe should be kept in a cool temperature, away from light, dry, and into the dark bottles. It is due to the reason that the chrolophyll get oxidised to air when absinth exposed to air. Its coulour from green gradually starts changing to brown. This have its own side effects. That's why it is suggested to keep it away from air. Should not be stored in freezer or refrigerator. This will change the original flavour due to anethole. This can easily stored for a very long period but with little precautions. In modern times, it causes the hallucinogen in the body which is major side effect of absinthe.

Price and Buy Absinthe

The original absinthe generally costs around $65.07 (or) $60.48. There are variations in the price due to the quality of the ingredients and beverages in the absinth. It usually tastes good and coloured because it contains many herbal products. The popular absinthe brands in the market are Pernod Absinthe, Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure, Vilya Spirits Extrait d'Absinthe Verte, Vieux Carré Absinthe Supérieure, La Clandestine Absinthe Blanche, New Wave Absinthe, St. George Absinthe Verte, etc. If you want to buy it then you will find various online deals to buy absinth with a good dicount price.

In United states, there are more than 150 known brands of absinthe in the market. There are many which are worst-tasting but they will cost you around $50-$75 per bottle. It usually contains lower alcohol content by volume. Switzerland's Val de was the origin place of the product. It had became a tradition of drinking absinth in western region by 20th century. The bottle has small like reservoir near its bottle.

The absinthe can also be used for the various purposes to mix beverages and recipes. It should not be placed in freezer. It solidify the bottle when placed in cold place. Only large wine glass will work good for it. Sometimes, sugar is not required to add into it. It is only for the taste. You can easily buy strong thujone absinthe bottle online from your home. pernod absinthe is also one of the well known brand world wide.

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